Celebrity Fall Fashion Trends 2011 – Animal Prints – Polka Dots – Lace and More

2011 Fall Fashion Trends

August 29, 2011 by Jenny, zTrend Commentator

I know little, to nothing, about fashion. Let’s just say, at this very moment I am wearing jorts. For those of you unfamiliar with “jorts,” they are jean shorts you cut yourself – usually with very little precision. So, for a fashion trend blog, I decided to hand over the responsibility to two very fashionable Zazzlers, Elyse and Lisa (you may remember them from the Sombrero Challenge) – self-proclaimed Glam Gurus. I completely agree, their outfits tend to make me feel badly about myself. That must mean something. Take it away ladies…

Have you ever walked into a room and realized that your style was slightly reminiscent of the homeless gentleman that you saw rummaging through the trash a few blocks down?  Well fear not!  The Glam Gurus are about to break down this season’s hottest trends on our favorite celebrities and accompanied Zazzle products.

Animal Prints

Where do you stand on animal prints? Should this feisty pattern be confined to the bedroom, or can we let go of our inhibitions and dare to release our inner wild side?  Either way, animal prints are not only back in style, they are better than ever!

Light Gray

Move over basic black, there is a new hot (or cool) color trending for suits! Light gray is the color of choice for those who aren’t afraid to step outside of that black box.

Polka Dots

Okay girls, we all have those cringe-worthy pictures of us sporting a voluminous polka dot dress, usually accompanied with a gargantuan bow.  But now our favorite nostalgic pattern has re-emerged with not only more color, but a more flattering silhouette.

Herringbone and Houndstooth

Get ready and gear up for herringbone and houndstooth to make a Betty White-sized comeback!  These fun retro inspired prints can be found on everything from newsboy hats to sexy suits.


Lace — naughty or nice? For some of us, lace has us channeling the unfortunate “lingerie as outerwear” trend from last year.  But to our delight that trend has morphed into a more appropriate and classy version.

Hope this gives you an idea of what to expect in the fall. Leave us examples of these trends in the comments below and let us know if we left any of your favorites out!

Stay stylish Zazzlers ;)